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Welcome to the American Brahmousin Council website.

Why Brahmousin?

American Brahmousin Council

Brahmousin are the complement of the two breeds from which they are derived.... the best of both breeds. Brahmousin have excellent reproductive efficiency, mothering ability, and adaptability to varied environmental conditions.

From a feedlot and carcass standpoint, they provide an excellent return relative to feed efficiency and dressing percentage. Also, they excel in muscling and growth traits.

The superior maternal traits, insect resistance, foraging ability, and heat tolerance of the Brahman combined with the carcass traits of the Limousin make Brahmousin an unbeatable breed for the cowman.

American Brahmousin Council

Our news and events page keeps you updated with the activities of the association. Be sure and check back here periodically for upcoming show information.

Visit the breeder information page to gain some insight and background into the Brahmousin breed.

The membership directory provides a listing of all ABC lifetime members. Contact a breeder near you to see first hand what these good doin’ cattle are all about.

We invite you to discover the advantages of Brahmousin.